About Us

When a venture is born from a life-long passion, and a business grows from a hobby, you know that the finished product is going to be the highest possible quality. But this isn’t just jewelry that you’d find anywhere – no, this is an expression of art and an exploration of fashion. This is hand-made home-made jewelry.

It is designed and created by Nelssie Marie Francois, Canadian born and Haitian bred. She’s a lady who has transcended the art of hand-made jewelry. Her pursuit of fashion began as a mere hobby, purely for her own enjoyment and entertainment. She had no plans to make anything much of the idea. However, taking her designs to Facebook quickly changed her outlook.

Overwhelming support for what she was doing poured in, swiftly followed by demand for the jewelry with pledges of payment. It seemed that her fascination with beads intertwined with her creativity had allowed her to develop a variety of designs that people found both attractive and compelling.

And so, an idea came to fruition. Nelssie decided to capitalize on the demand for her jewelry. She purchased more beads and materials, and spent more time creating and developing new designs.

Very quickly, her customer base increased. To reach more people and make them aware of her venture, she created a Facebook page: “Akajou Creation”

She used this platform to showcase her collections and market her designs.

 As a self-taught jewelry designer and entrepreneur, her love for beads is exceptional.

In her boutique, Akajou Creation is an array of unique, bold and colorful handmade jewelry. But what is Nelssie’s goal? Simply to make accessorizing easy and fun, with pieces that can be worn on diverse occasions with a wide range of outfits.

By hand-making each piece, Nelssie gives a personal touch to every single item she produces.

Today, her craft can be found at various arts & craft sites as well as jewelry shows such as Indie Craft Bazaar, the African Wardrobe Festival and Little Haiti Cultural Center.